Bucks County 55 + Community Trends

Are you ready to move to a 55+ / active adult community? If so, Bucks County is the perfect place to begin your search. With a wide selection of 55+ / active adult developments in a plethora of Bucks County towns, you will certainly be able to find the perfect home.

Isn’t it time you started leading an active and healthy lifestyle without the worry of shoveling snow, maintaining your home, or taking care of your yard? Regardless of your price range or preference, you will find an abundance of 55+, active adult and retirement communities in Bucks County. After years of hard work, allow yourself to enjoy the maintenance-free, care-free fulfilling lifestyle that you deserve.

The Village of Southampton is an Active Adult (55 plus) apartment-style, condominium development built beginning ca. 2013. 49 units in 3-story, elevator buildings.

Typical units are approximately 1,000 to 1,300 sq. ft of living space with 2 bedrooms and 2 baths. Units have 1-car, indoor parking.

The development is located on Street Road westbound just west of Route 232 (Second Street Pike).

A recent study by the National Association of Home Builder’s Paul Emrath finds that 55+ households now account for 20.9 percent of the new homes purchased in the United States.

As the Baby Boomer population ages, the topic of active adult communities has become a major topic among builders.

While still leading active lives, homeowners in active communities are incorporating ease of use features. For instance, walk-in showers and enlarged hallways are common building requests. Handrails in the shower or tub are useful for climbing in and out of low areas. Soaker tubs are also popular, along with hand held showerheads. Some are designing counter tops to the height of a chair so that food preparation can be completed sitting down. The same is seen in the bathroom, where a bathroom for each bedroom is now the norm, with a specific bath designated for guests. Doorways are larger and many homes offer an open floor plan. Vanities are raised so that no bending is required.

In the kitchen, multi-function appliances are being installed, such as convection microwaves. Another trend is to add a fireplace or seating to the kitchen, recreating the Great Rooms of the past where the whole family gathered, not just for meals. Zones in the kitchen provide nooks for cooking or entertaining or baking. Other amenities that are becoming popular include anti-microbial countertops and second sinks installed near the stove.

These varied housing options provide amenities specific to the needs of the active adult. Long known as innovators, this population continues to encourage builders and developers to keep up with their vital retirement needs.

Ideas shared with the builders include the importance of building within an hour’s drive of major urban areas so buyers do not feel too disconnected from their friends and family. Proximity to restaurants, retail areas, golf courses and medical facilities is also of major importance. The more an active adult community can tap into the already existing facilities provided by the community at large, the less expensive it is to create a development that appeals to buyers.

55+ Housing Demand

Demand for 55 + Housing is at an all-time high in Bucks County, Pa.

With a growing number of Baby Boomers reaching retirement age, 55+ communities may become even more popular with older homebuyers. The National Association of Home Builders, expects home sales in 55+ communities to increase by nearly 25 percent this year. By 2020, they also estimate that households over 55 years old could be as high as 46.6 percent (up from 42 percent in 2012).

The Demand for 55+ Housing in Bucks County is GREAT!  We wish we had more inventory.  Many communities have a waiting list due to the community’s popularity.  Some of the communities have not seen a home come on the market in months, or even a year.

To meet the demand,  Bucks County has a few new construction 55+ Communities. The  Village of Southampton in Southampton, Pa, are new Custom Built Condominium Homes, a Luxury, 55+ Active Adult Community ideally located in Upper Southampton Township, Bucks County.

For many we talk to amenities are important. The amount of amenities offered can vary greatly from one community to the next.

While active adult developments typically cater to those who want to downsize with small, thoughtfully designed homes, many new communities include homes in a wide range of sizes. It is not unusual to find model homes ranging in size from barely 1,000 to over 3,000 square feet in the same community. Many homes continue to offer main-level living, with first-floor master bedroom suites, but second-story lofts are becoming a popular way to extend the living space.

If you have any questions or are ready to find your 55 and greater community, contact us today.

The Five Stages of Retirement

As people approach retirement age (and that means a lot of different things to different people), there are five distinct stages they go through according to a study conducted by Ameriprise Financial.  These stages include: 1) Imagination, 2) Anticipation, 3) Liberation, 4) Reorientation, and 5) Reconciliation. As the Ameriprise study points out, “retirement is not a single event…it does not take place in a day, or even in a single year. Instead [the] study reveals that people migrate through distinct and predictable states of retirement – each with its own complex emotions and needs.”

Most people who are purchasing a home in an active adult community are in one of the first three stages of this process. It’s a time of great imagination, anticipation and liberation, which is why buying a new home in these various stages of your life can be such a rewarding event. From my experience of selling many active adult community homes to people in these various stages of retirement, I can tell you the Ameriprise study seems to be right on the money.

There are some definite housing trends the real estate market is seeing when it comes to the preferences of empty nesters, baby boomers, retirees and those ages 55+. According to an article at RealEstate.com, four key trends are emerging for 55 and older communities:

* One-level living. Forget the stairs. People in this age group want everything on one level.
* Low-maintenance construction and materials. People don’t want to waste precious time doing periodic upkeep on their property. They want their homes constructed of materials that will continue looking great without periodic maintenance.
* A turnkey lifestyle. This is a mobile group. They want a home and a community that makes it easy to lock the door and go – leaving security and yard work to someone else.
* Downsized luxury. Although this age group often downsizes in terms of square footage, they still want fancy kitchens and other luxury amenities.

* More people are moving across town instead of across the country. Rather than automatically thinking of heading to the Sunbelt, this group is becoming more content to stay in the communities they have called home for years. In urban areas, the trend is to move a little closer to the country, while still staying in the metropolitan area.
* This age group wants open space and tall ceilings. In addition, they value verandas, porches and other informal gathering areas.
* They also would like space to indulge their hobbies whether that is a separate room or just part of a room.


Philly.com Article about Southampton

Town By Town: A Place to Stay Put

One in a continuing series spotlighting real estate markets in the region’s communities. It was the week before Christmas. You could tell by the way traffic moved through Upper Southampton’s shopping areas along Second Street Pike. Unless there were accommodating signals, left turns were not easy to accomplish, as car after car of shoppers jammed the road, also known as Route 232, around lunchtime.

“It can be confusing if you aren’t a local,” says Sharon Ermel Spadaccini, an agent with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Fox & Roach Realtors in New Hope, who sells in the township.

“The Street Road corridor is a mix – a hodgepodge, of sorts – of retail, residential, and offices, so getting around often isn’t easy,” she says.

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